Ohma All-in-One Baby Monitor from Yogasleep Baby

Yogasleep launches Ohma All-in-One Baby Monitor

Yogasleep Baby, a brand of Marpac LLC, the creators of the original Dohm white noise machine, announced the launch of the Ohma All-in-One Baby Monitor, which is now available at Target.com, Yogasleep.com and select Target stores nationwide. The first-of-its-kind device combines the functions of more than six features to offer parents both value and convenience in just one easy-to-use product.

Featuring a best-in-class, app-based video monitor, Yogasleep’s innovative soothing signature Dohm sound technology and customizable scheduling features, the all-in-one solution was designed to consolidate the needs of parents and grow with a baby into childhood.

Functions can easily be controlled through the custom app, and include:

  • Monitor: Monitor your baby in real time through a wide lens HD camera with night vision and zoom perspective capability
  • Night Light: Turn on the multicolored night light for your baby through the app or the touch compatible Ohma
  • Sleep Trainer: Sleep train your baby using our app-enabled sleep scheduling system by creating custom sleep schedules to assist in training
  • Sound Soother: Soothe your baby through a curated list of 20 sounds including pink noise, lullabies and nature sounds that were specifically selected to aid in restful sleep for infants and toddlers
  • Two-Way Intercom: Talk to your baby through the intercom or listen in on them from a different room
  • Invite and Manage Additional Users: Invite and customize family member and caregiver access while on the same Wi-Fi network
  • Notifications: Be aware of what is happening in the nursery with motion, sound, temperature and humidity notifications
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Monitor the climate in the room through the app with the built-in sensor, which will automatically alert you if a concerning temperature or humidity level is noticed (Ideal temperature or “nursery climate” range is 68-72F)

“Our Yogasleep machines feature signature Dohm sound technology, which has been scientifically proven to help listeners fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer” said Scott Peterson, Yogasleep vice president of product development. “The loop less technology is free of any ticks, hisses or clicks, which our customers have shared has been an issue with sound machines from other brands”.

“As parents ourselves, we understand that our children have their own unique needs as they grow from infants to toddlers” said Daryl Millar, Yogasleep chief growth officer. “We wanted to offer parents an all-in-one solution that meets the needs of their child from the infant stage of sleep training to the toddler stage of managing routines. We’re excited to launch this innovation as our latest endeavor in supporting parents as they raise their children”.

Yogasleep uses one of the highest levels of data encryption to ensure privacy and security of information. The Ohma machine can be controlled manually and through smartphones that have been secured through a two-step verification process. Via the Ohma mobile app, users can create custom alerts tailored to their child’s individual sleep routines, monitor their child through the full HD 1080p monitor which allows for wide lens view and full zoom capabilities, control the multi-colored night light colors and brightness and more.

The Yogasleep Baby Ohma is now available on Yogasleep.com, Target.com and at select Target stores nationwide for $99.99.
WILMINGTON, North Carolina, March 7, 2022

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