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How to increase traffic to your WordPress site

Are you having trouble drawing in the crowds? Your can improve your site’s set-up, performance and ranking. Here’s how to increase the number of clicks.

Choose your server locations well

Servers work better when they are closer to the target audience. If you are targeting a specific region, you should find servers that are close to it to prevent slow load times.

Optimizing server location will enhance customer satisfaction, since new requests will receive rapid responses. This will be key in consolidating already existing traffic, and generating interest in the site.

If your servers are not ideally located, you could consider shifting to other better placed servers. If your target audience is global, you may need to invest in more servers to ensure a great user experience for everyone around the world.

If you are unable to provide holistic coverage, you may consider caching and content delivery networks, which are discussed within this article.

Optimize your images

Choosing the right images to accompany your text content will generate more hits for your site. Images draw users and may work better than actual content in this regard. However, they can add up the total page size and affect user satisfaction.

It is important to find a balance between the amount of images used and the size of your page. You can use more images by optimizing them for the web. Optimization reduces the size of the image without affecting its quality.

Optimization takes out metadata, which may be responsible for the increase in size. You can optimize your images by using free online tools or WordPress plugins such as Auto optimize and Smush.

As a rule, you should never upload videos to your site. Pictures may increase your page size by up to 70 times, but video content may increase the size up to 1000 times.

Uploading videos could also increase the cost of your hosting premiums, which will result in an unnecessary expense. Instead of videos, you should use GIFs and embedded links to the actual videos.

Layout and Design

Your layout could influence user satisfaction and tendency to visit your site. A great layout will attract users to your site. A great aspect of layout improvement can include the use of a sitemap. This will help search engines to index your site and make it easier for users to…
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