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Top things all EdTech entrepreneurs must know

Education technology, colloquially referred to as EduTech or EdTech, is a term that signifies the use of technology in the field of education. As technology has steadily influenced every one of our industries and our day to day lives, the education industry has not been untouched- and why would it?

The education industry has always been one that has readily embraced technological innovation and EdTech has the potential to be a great asset to it. Through EdTech we can take quality education to every nook and corner, help educators scale up by tapping unexplored territories and help institutions make the dissemination of information more efficient and standardized.

Over the last 15 or so years, several entrepreneurs have built impressive EdTech solutions, but the field is still in its nascent stage and the coming decade is sure to see innumerable attempts to realize the potential of EdTech.

This field is sure to become a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, in the near future. Here are some of the key factors that anyone who is considering venturing into EdTech entrepreneurship must consider:

The Solution Statement

The education sector is too vast and too varied for any one technology solution to cater to it all. Before anything else, an EdTech entrepreneur must identify their “solution statement”. The “solution statement” is supposed to be the exact problem that one intends to solve.

Clarity Within the Firm

From the very outset, every one of the co-founders needs to be clear on their place in the firm. They need to know their respective roles, degree of involvement and their equity shares. Furthermore, they should also fully understand the company’s vision.

This advice really applies to every type of startup. Entrepreneurs often try to avoid discussing these “uncomfortable” topics. This is a mistake that often comes back to haunt them, as the firm faces complications at key junctures of organizational growth.

The Quality of the Content

A significant portion of EdTech firms face difficulty because they were founded by technology entrepreneurs, who underestimated the importance of high-quality academic content. Regardless of how well designed, cutting-edge, or attractive the software may be, an EdTech firm cannot succeed without educational content of a competitive quality. This content is the EdTech firm’s primary resource.
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