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Pocketalk transitions from hardware-centric business to global solution

Pocketalk, the global leader in connecting conversations and removing language barriers, today announced its expansion from exclusively a hardware translation device to a cloud-based translation solution software. Since the company launched in 2017, Pocketalk has focused on innovation to break down communication barriers and connect people of all backgrounds through language translation. Nearly one million Pocketalk handheld devices have been sold. Their engine has been honed by over half a billion translations that’s achieved an unparalleled level of speed and accuracy. Pocketalk is HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant, affording access to once-restrictive business sectors. And now, the company sets the stage for the future of global communication.

“Pocketalk has existed to bring people together, build deeper connections firsthand through conversation and shatter any language barriers that divide us,” said Noriyuki Matsuda, Founder and CEO, SourceNext Corporation. “Pocketalk’s evolution to the present has been nothing short of transformative. Communication is truly the world’s great equalizer. Today we set our sights on the future with the announcement of becoming a global communication platform. Our latest solutions serve as the next step forward in our ongoing journey to connect us all as a global community.”

Effective, accessible, affordable translation solutions

Pocketalk marks its continued evolution with the launch of three new services: Pocketalk App, Pocketalk Subtitles and Pocketalk Console. With the addition of these services, translation is now accessible, affordable and meets the needs of both consumers and businesses.

“As the past two years have shown us, we’re more connected than ever,” said Joe Miller, General Manager (Americas), Pocketalk. “Pocketalk has continued to evolve to meet global business and consumer communication needs — from HR to logistics to healthcare to human services to personal use. Our migration from hardware to software solutions expands our footprint to reach more corners of our interconnected world. Communication is personal. It’s what motivates us to keep deepening our understanding of cultures and breaking down barriers to easier, faster and more authentic translation.”

The Pocketalk App for smartphones is not a replacement for Pocketalk hardware but rather the perfect companion. In its mission to connect a global community through conversations and shatter language divides, Pocketalk has now truly evolved into a global brand.

Pocketalk Subtitles translates directly over video conference calls so you can easily and quickly read what your foreign counterpart is saying in your own language without an interpreter present. Pocketalk Console is a new administration panel that allows for fleet management and confirmation of intended use for major business users. With the addition of Subtitles and the App, Pocketalk will now offer five translation solutions to fit the needs of consumers and businesses around the world.

Key product features for Pocketalk’s new innovations include:

Pocketalk Subtitles

  • Inspired by movie subtitles, Pocketalk Subtitles will provide near real-time translation through any video conferencing platform.
  • Builds deeper connections firsthand through conversation between main parties, removing the distance created by a third-party translator.
  • Conversational translation honed through billions of translations recognizes language patterns and accurate translation.
  • Translations are interpreted through the device camera.
  • Translate two languages simultaneously.
  • Subtitles will be available spring 2022. Subscriptions start at $9.99/month.

Pocketalk App

  • The Pocketalk App breaks down boundaries to communicate freely across the world.
  • Perfect, conversational translations are now available through smartphone data or WiFi anywhere you travel.
  • With the opening of an app, conversation barriers are now a thing of the past. It’s never been easier to hold a conversation in more than 82 languages or deepen a connection to another culture.
  • The Pocketalk App will be available spring 2022. Subscriptions start at $2.99/month.

Pocketalk Console

  • Pocketalk Console enables businesses to have full control over their fleet of handheld Pocketalk devices.
  • Through the software, administrators of the account can easily manage connectivity, translation history, and essential functions.
  • The Pocketalk Console will be available spring 2022.

For Pocketalk, this is a bold but timely move to meet the ongoing evolution of communication. The new solutions, as well as the recent strategic move for Pocketalk to exist as a standalone company, separate from its former parent company, SourceNext, propel the business forward faster and with expanded reach to shatter communication barriers and connect all people through conversation. The future of communication lives with Pocketalk.

About Pocketalk

Pocketalk is the global leader in connecting the world and facilitating conversation through the only translation solutions on the market that enable an authentic communication experience. Pocketalk, which is HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant, connects people of all backgrounds through language translation — fast, easy, and most importantly, accurate translation. Developed, manufactured, and distributed by SourceNext, the largest distributor and creator of software, hardware, and IoT products in Japan, Pocketalk officially launched in the U.S. in 2018 with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. The company offers translation solutions through the handheld Pocketalk collection and, in an exciting innovation, now the cloud-based Pocketalk Subtitles, Pocketalk App and Pocketalk Console. The two-way translation solutions can translate 82 languages and be utilized anywhere in the world with an internet or data connection. To find more information or purchase Pocketalk, visit Pocketalk.com
PALO ALTO, California, January 3, 2022

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