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PO Hub

The PO Hub is an independent international news organization. We want to help you to see news events as starting points for constructive conversations. We seek to cut through the froth of the political spin cycle to underlying truths and values. We want to be so focused on progress that together we can provide a credible and constructive counter-narrative to the hopelessness-, anger-, and fear-inducing brand of discourse that is so pervasive in the news.

We’re committed to the following three things:

  • We will challenge conventional thinking. As forces from politics to social media try to break us into competing tribes – political, racial, or economic – together we’ll rethink the question “Who is my neighbor?”
  • We will listen to you. We need you to hold us accountable – to keep us honest and grounded. To inspire us with what inspires you. Together, we can build a community of people who ask more from news.
  • We will change how you see news. News must be accurate and trustworthy, but facts alone can miss the whole story – the story of us. We are much better than much of today’s news portrays us to be. We will have the courage to look into both the best and the worst in us – and not to blame, but to demand better.

Our perspective

Our aim is to embrace the human family, shedding light with the conviction that understanding the world’s problems and possibilities moves us towards solutions.

Our voice

We are an independent voice, devoid of the corporate allegiances and pressures that critics say too often skew today’s media. We seek to give our readers the information they need to come to their own constructive conclusions.

The PO Hub has built a reputation in the journalism world over the past century for the integrity, credibility and fair-mindedness of its reporting. It is produced for anyone who cares about the progress of the human endeavor around the world and seeks news reported with compassion, intelligence, and an essentially constructive lens.

PO Hub is not about promoting any specific set of policies, actions or ideologies. We are convinced that what reaches and affects thought ultimately shapes experiences and moves our world forward. News, therefore, should be thought-provoking, trustworthy, and engaging. We seek to give our readers the information and multiple perspectives they need in order to develop their own constructive conclusions.

We are eager to work with new partners who are interested in the future of high quality journalism and believe in its ability to make the world a better place. We work with new partners in the philanthropic space as they are often among the most knowledgeable organizations on some of the world’s biggest problems, helping us to better understand how to best serve our readers and make an impact through our journalism. Readers can identify stories supported by external funders by a disclosure at the end of any story that has received such support.

The PO Hub accepts grants to support general operations, special projects and coverage of specific topics determined by management. External supporters, grantors, donors and PO Hub itself care deeply about the editorial independence of journalism at PO Hub. We don’t permit external influence of our editorial process. All editorial decisions are made independently. Donors receive no preferential coverage and don’t influence the direction or findings of our reporting. Grantors don’t see stories or reports prior to publishing. PO Hub makes this known to funders in advance of commencing any formal relationship it may have with a funder. The PO Hub doesn’t accept donations from government entities, political parties, elected officials or candidates actively seeking public office, nor do we accept donations from sources that could present a conflict of interest with our work or compromise our editorial independence.