Panasonic HomeHawk Window: monitor your home, from the inside out

Today Panasonic announced its newest addition to the HomeHawk family, the HomeHawk WINDOW. This solution takes home monitoring beyond your front door by recording outdoor activity through any window in your home, eliminating the need for cumbersome outdoor systems or repurposed indoor monitoring cameras.

Many home monitoring solutions require modifications, often resulting in damage, to the exterior of your home, as well as access to complicated power sources, only to result in limited views. The WINDOW, however, solves all of these problems with its simple set-up, excellent picture quality, smart sensors and customization via the HomeHawk smart phone app.

When monitoring outdoor activity, consumers found using standard indoor monitoring cameras resulted in extraneous reflection from the window glass causing poor image quality. The WINDOW solves the problem by mounting to the glass and is equipped with the same 1080p Full HD camera found in the HomeHawk SHELF and FLOOR, and a high-sensitivity sensor to provide bright color night vision. The unit body has the same 16:9 aspect ratio as the captured image to ensure a high-quality picture with less reflection from the window.

Users can customize the camera’s motion activated areas through the smartphone app to reduce unnecessary alerts and notifications caused by pets or neighbors. In addition, the WINDOW has two-second pre-recording to capture critical activity.

Joining the HomeHawk suite, the WINDOW rounds out Panasonic’s DIY home monitoring solution by taking it beyond the front porch. The FLOOR, SHELF, FRONT DOOR, OUTDOOR, and now WINDOW all work cohesively to bring you peace of mind by discreetly watching over every inch of your home from the inside out.

  • Live view and 24/7 recording
  • Bright color night vision
  • 1080p full HD quality
  • 150-degree wide angle view
  • Person detection to reduce unnecessary notifications
  • Customizable activity zones with selecting non-detection area
  • Easy monitoring with any iOS or Android smartphone
  • Two second pre-recording to capture critical activity
  • Video storage on microSDXC card
  • No contracts, no fees
  • Window mountable with suction cup or double-sided tape
  • Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

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