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How to speed up mobile app development timeline

Developing an app is not an easy task as it may sound to some people. It is a quite complex task that requires hours of dedication. Some apps may also require knitting of different technologies together. And, to stand in the competition, a mobile app development company, whether it be a startup or an enterprise, poses challenges before the developers with hectic schedules and deadlines.

Does these hectic schedules and deadlines work very well? Well, in most cases it only hampers the product in some or the other way. But, it’s also true that if the product is not launched in the market at the right time, then it is of no worth. The best solution to this scenario is to speed up the app development process such that it not only effectively targets the potential customers but also makes the process smoother for developers as well as the company.

Here we have compiled a list of some practices that can be followed for speeding up the mobile app development task:

Native or Hybrid, make it clear

Before starting with an app’s development process, make it very clear whether you are designing for native apps or for hybrid apps. Well, it may sound that this consideration has nothing to do with the speed improvement, but unnecessarily focusing on hybrid app designing when native designs work very well, will only increase the complexity and hence the time required in the overall app development process.

Start with wireframes

A wireframe is very useful in laying out the essential requirements of the product as well as the user. It gives a rough idea but good enough to start with. With wireframes, you can clearly set up the direction in which you have to proceed.

In the app development process, you may encounter a number of ideas. The first focus in this should be on the app’s design. After the app’s design is finalized, the development process can work smoothly without any hiccups.

Be agile

Following the agile methodology in the development processes is very famous in the industry due to its productive results. By following the agile methodology, you can improve or scale your product at any time. With its proper implementation, you can actually speed up the development process, and if you are caught up in a situation, you don’t need to start from the very beginning.

Launch early, focus on MVP

As quoted by some of the greatest entrepreneurs, to enter into the market, don’t wait for your fully functional product to be developed, instead launch your product with some bare functionalities and let the market be curious about other functionalities. This way you enter the market, and at the same time, you start engaging your customers.

Focussing on minimum viable product (MVP) has certain advantages. It not only accelerates your market growth but also helps you get the detail of customer’s views. With customer reviews in hand, you can always work to improve the current implementations as well as future implementations and can make the product even better for the competitive market.

Implement automated testing

In the mobile app development cycle, if you want to reduce the overall timeline, it is very crucial that you implement automated testing. As its name suggests, the testing process is automatic and requires no or minimum manual input and proves to be very effective in small and large scale deployments. In automated testing, several testing methods are implemented simultaneously, and this helps in making the app error-free. Remember, thorough testing is very important before a product is finally launched.

The final note

As the competition in the market will increase so will be in the app development industry. Due to this, it is sure that the need to develop apps rapidly will also increase. Following the above practices will surely help you to develop apps with enhanced speed. If you are new to the app development industry, then these practices will definitely accelerate your reach in the market. If you’re still planning to stick with the moral of the story “The Hare and The Tortoise”, then wake up before it’s too late because the market needs results and doesn’t wait for anyone.

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