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Exodus Travel

Established over four decades ago, Exodus Travel company was founded on the spirit of adventure, and since being established the company has been all about helping you in discovering different countries and cultures through the exploration of their landscapes, traditions, cultures, and everything that makes each of them unique.

The team at Exodus Travel is a highly qualified and every single person on the team is an adventure travel expert. This allows them to offer people a huge range of different trips that suit their clients according to their needs. Be it the classic small group tour, a tour to explore the world on two wheels, a solo travel or a trip where clients are thinking of bringing the kids along, Exodus Travel has them covered. At Exodus Travel it’s all about discovering countries, cultures, environments, cities, mountain ranges, deserts, coasts and jungles and exploring this amazing planet that we all live on.

Exodus Travel came into existence on the 4th of February, 1974 after two friends got together to provide an overland truck which was to travel to the Minaret of Jam, a magical place deep in the heart of the Hindu Kush which is probably the most inaccessible of the world’s great monuments. Not being able to get over the high that they felt due to the excitement of reaching one of the world’s most inaccessible monuments, along with the ever so growing demands from Aussies and Kiwis wanting to travel west, the two friends, John Gillies and David Burlinson built three more trucks and started taking groups from London to Kathmandu, this however, was just the beginning of their journey.

Today, Exodus Travel is one of the leading travel and tour service providers in the country and have a dedicated team working for them. The team knows what makes an individual tick when it comes to vacations. They understand a person’s yearning to visit new and foreign places and delving into local traditions, cultures, cuisine, lifestyles and everything that contributes to creating a unique and pleasurable experience. Having fun while also being responsible is what the people at Exodus Travel strive for which is why the people who book a vacation are sent, courteously and respectfully, in small groups these destinations in order to minimize the human impact on both the social, and natural environment to ensure that every Exodus holiday is a beneficial experience for everyone involved.

The small group adventures that Exodus travel offers consists of no more than 12 to 16 travellers who are being accompanied by an experienced tour leader from Exodus. The leader will be the one who will give you a local’s insight into your destination and will help you in uncovering secrets that other groups will probably miss out on. And if you are someone who is travelling alone, there’s a good chance that you might end up meeting an interesting partner on the trip.

This philosophy is at the heart of each and every trip that Exodus makes and has allowed them to reach some incredible destinations on over 500 itineraries which span across 90 separate countries around the world. The people at Exodus Travel strive to provide as much flexibility and choice as they possibly can in order to make experiencing a unique and exciting holiday easy for everyone.

A thing that sets Exodus apart from the rest is that each and every person that works at Exodus has a passion for travel and adventure along with a travel experience that spans across 171 different countries which makes it quite easy for them to give you best experience when you travel with them. Not only that, the staff at Exodus possesses the skills of archaeologists, wildlife guides, overland drivers, mountain leaders, diving and ski specialists and mountain bike gurus which only adds to their hustle to provide you with the very best and adventurous experience possible. Extensive planning, research, fact-finding and training are just some of the ways that the staff’s expertise comes through in your adventure.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that a tour leader can have the ability to make a world of difference to the enjoyment of one’s holiday which is why Exodus makes sure that they chose the best one there is. They’ve done such as a great job at this that in 2017, 97% of all of the people that travelled with them said that they would recommend Exodus Travel to their friends and family. Great reviews, right!

Something that sets the leaders at Exodus apart from the rest it that they mostly train and employ local leaders since they have an ability to provide valuable insights of the destination that add to enrichen the experience of your trip. Exodus investing in local staff not only helps the person travelling with them, but it also helps the locals and their community as well which is why every year, in order to recognise the outstanding contribution of the leaders, Exodus holds an annual event called the Tour Leader Awards. This helps in keeping their leaders motivated in their quest to grow more and more. Speaking of awards, Exodus has won a number of them over the years.

If we were to list all of them we would probably run out of space here. Some of these awards include the Giving Back Award which they won for the second year running. The award was given to Exodus for their outstanding work in helping disadvantaged children all around the world experience their world and cultural heritage. With the aid of their operators around the world, the initiative resulted in Exodus taking more than 2,400 children on fun and educational trips. Exodus has also won a number of awards at the British Travel Awards and have also been named as a Recommend Holiday Providers by Which? for the fourth time due to their outstanding customer feedback which allowed them to win five stars across the board for Customer Service, Value for Money, Accommodation and Description Matching Reality.

Customer reviews and feedback matter a lot at Exodus. So much so that Exodus offers monthly prize draws of £500 Exodus Holiday vouchers for the people whole complete the Holiday Evaluation Form (HEF) after returning from their adventures with Exodus.

Exodus realizes the fact that tourism is one of the most important and largest industries on the planet since it employs more people all around the world than any other. Millions of people and their families rely on the tourism industry for their bread and butter. However, over the last few decades, there has been an increase in the number of disaster stories regarding tourism and how it has resulted in things such as over-development, destruction of environments along with issues such as cultural misunderstandings and mistrust.

The tourism industry has also recently been embroiled in the debate about global warming and carbon emissions caused by air travel. Which is why Exodus makes sure that people travel in small groups with them and bring about a positive impact on tourism to make sure that the benefits trickle down to as many communities as they can and help preserve the environments while providing real and positive social exchanges.

Not only does Exodus protect the environment and the local community, but Exodus also protects you as well. Since being a fully licensed and bonded tour operator and being a holder of an Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL) (no. 2582) which is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), allows them to cover all holidays which include air travel. This means that in an event of a financial failure before any departure, all amount paid, except insurance premiums, will be refunded to you. And if for some reason a failure occurs while you are on your trip, the bond administrators will first of all attempt to apply the funds to complete your trip, and if that is not possible, they will ensure that you are repatriated to the UK. In case of the bond is insufficient, a number of backup funds are available through the CAA. Exodus being a member of the organisation means that their finances are subject to regular and stringent independent checks, which, although cannot prevent failure, certainly decreases the chances of it. This means that you can book with your trips Exodus in complete confidence since every payment that you make to Exodus for trips is fully protected.

Exodus Travel is also committed to ensuring that there are no practices of modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of their business. This commitment is one of the most integral parts of their policies and the way that they do business.

There’s more to Exodus than small group adventures, they also offer family tours, walking and cycling breaks and remarkable polar expedition cruises. So what are you waiting for? Head over to them and book your next trip with them!

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