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Your house is your haven, your sanctuary. It is important to take into consideration every aspect that regards to your house. Window shutters are significant in a house and they serve various purposes. Your privacy, security, light control and protection from the elements are some of the reasons why these shutters are essential for houses windows.

EFL Shutters is a company that provides you with custom-made plantation shutters. A customer can order the window shutters the way he prefers them and they will be manufactured according to his requirements. This ensures customer satisfaction. EFL Shutters have their own online page which features all the details regarding their products, its types, the discounts they offer, shutter material used etc. The company has designed plantation shutters that serves many purposes.

Plantation shutters originated in South America, from the large farms and states that grew coffee, tobacco, cotton or sugar, known more commonly as plantations. The climate in that region is sub-tropical that suggests that winters there are mild, but the summers are severe. Hence, the traditional curtain furnishing for windows can be stifling and heavy. And so, the wooden window shutters or the plantation shutters were manufactured. These are characterized mainly because of their large slat size and a permanent fixture on the wall. The large slat size means that there are fewer slats per panel. This refers to the fact that when the shutter is open, the maximum amount of light and air can be exchanged which will keep the house cool. Simultaneously, if these are closed, they block out elements excellently. These interior window shutters are painted white as lighter colors reflect the heat, although, they can be obtained in distinct colors as well.

Some of the types of window shutters that EFL Shutters provides are:

Classic shutters, with UPVC frames and pawlonia hardwood panels. These classic shutters are made by hybridization of the pawlonia and UPVC frames. Pawlonia has got efficient insulating abilities and UPVC is resilient and stable. This makes these shutters productive and effective in relation to their cost. Classic shutters are best to be used on UPVC windows.

Premium shutters have pawlonia hardwood frames and pawlonia hardwood panels. These shutters enable the customers to have a wide range of stained wooden colors and stained painted colors, as traditionally, these used to come with a stained finish. It is a premium ranged shutter type allowing the entire panel to be made from pawlonia wood. The insulating property of pawlonia comes in handy when the winter cold hits or when the summer heat strikes. These shutters are best for large panels as for conservatory windows.

Elite shutters, consisting of poplar hardwood frames and poplar hardwood panels. Poplar is the finest hardwood that is used to manufacture the plantation shutters. It has a very fine texture and smooth finish. When it is painted and adorned, it looks very attractive and gives your house a classy look. The Elite range of shutters allows the poplar to be extensively used in these. Poplar has the property of being less porous making it more durable and longer lasting. Because of this, elite shutters have gained popularity among homeowners. Poplar shutters are sturdy and have a smooth finish. Shutters made from such exceptional quality and that looks so beautiful may be a part of your house to beautify it and offer resistance as well.

Mimeo shutters, with UPVC panels and UPVC frames. These window shutters have been developed by EFL Shutters by taking into consideration, the bathrooms. There is an elevated level of humidity and moisture in the bathrooms that causes the warping and paint blowing of wooden or MDF shutters. These Mimeo window shutters are tough, hard wearing and are resistant to high humidity and moisture levels, condensation and direct water contact. These mainstays shutters look elegant and they can ensure the lavish look you might want to give to your bathroom.

The official online page of EFL Shutters has all the essential details that aids customers to conveniently observe, choose and purchase according to their own choice. Some exclusive offers that they have includes that they supply and install the window shutters within 3-4 weeks. They offer up to 40 percent discounts on selective items as well. The customers can book their measures and can call the company for any query they want to be dealt with.

The company has 2 showrooms where customers can feel and observe the shutters personally and get assurance about its quality and its look themselves.

Salient features of the window shutters EFL Shutters provides include absolute light control. Sunlight can be a menace on times when there is intense heat etc. You might want to get rid of it for a while. Or sometimes you might want this sunlight to brighten up your house. These shutters ensure the light control in an absolute way. Secondly, they provide ultimate privacy. Windows are an essential part of your house as it ventilates it and keeps the balance of air and humidity. But nobody wants to jeopardize their privacy. These shutters make sure all your windows are properly guarded and covered and will not let your privacy be harmed. The third feature is its supreme quality. The company will not sell a low or inferior quality shutter but instead will allow you to choose from different varieties of hardwoods that will have variation in prices. Some hardwood may be more expensive than the other, but the quality will not be compromised. The last and most reliable feature is that these shutters don’t need a very high maintenance. You want to clean them or keep them in a good state, the only thing you need to do is to clean them slightly and here you go. No fancy sprays needed or anything. EFL shutters have a wide range of plantation shutters that are feasible to use and convenient to buy. They have an excellent online page that covers all queries customers may have and provides an amazing quality.

EFL Shutters

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