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Chris Kenny launches website and digital hotline

Delaware business leader and philanthropist Chris L. Kenny, Esq. has just announced the launch of his website in an effort to better connect with the Delaware community his family business and philanthropic endeavors serve. As president and CEO of one of Delaware’s largest chain of supermarkets, Chris Kenny is addressing a need to engage digitally with Delaware citizens across the state. Using an experimental and data-driven approach, the Chris Kenny website will host an innovative hotline platform dedicated to collecting and analyzing public sentiment on Delaware issues.

The hotline will be available at the site launch on Monday, April 27th for Delawareans to share their thoughts through voicemail or text message. Callers are encouraged to use the hotline to voice their opinions, concerns and success stories for all Delaware-related topics including: business and the economy, philanthropy, health care, education, civics and politics. The hotline platform will review all calls and text messages submitted using advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence to identify in real-time what issues Delaware citizens are currently concerned with most. Hotline founder Kenny will publish hotline results and findings to his website’s blog The Sword in the Stone and to his social media accounts, reporting back to the community hotline findings.

The launch of the hotline was accelerated in the wake of the ongoing and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic to provide Delaware thought leadership and to serve as an unbiased soundboard to capture and discuss issues most important to the Delaware people. In the six months since Chris Kenny joined social media, the grocery store owner has become one of the fastest-growing influential figures in the state, providing a mix of business advice, inspiring community and family-oriented content, and now vital food industry information and insight into how the pandemic is affecting Delaware. Kenny has been inundated with comments and messages on social media from colleagues, friends, followers and shoppers about how the virus is impacting their communities, necessitating the need for an additional way for Delawareans to voice their opinions:

“Our Kenny Family Stores service over 125,000 Delawareans every week, and we are at the front lines working with our communities to make sure Delawareans are getting what they need. Since becoming a member of the Delaware online community, I have received an outpouring of messages from people all across the state. I created this hotline to be a direct avenue for the people of Delaware to have their voice heard and to be a part of a project that will help us better understand in real-time what issues matter to our state and our community the most.”

The new Delaware hotline can be accessed by visiting or calling directly at 302-223-9982.

In addition to the hotline Kenny’s website will also host his blog The Sword in the Stone where the entrepreneur will candidly share accounts from his life that have shaped the Delaware community and business leader he is today. The blog provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs, civic leaders and all citizens of Delaware. Kenny explains, “It is imperative our future entrepreneurs and community leaders understand there is not one path to success. Most important are the foundational traits within each of us and how we call on them as opportunities and challenges arise”. Chris’s blog addresses a need in Delaware for authentic, entrepreneurial storytelling.

Since assuming the reins of Kenny Family ShopRites of Delaware, Chris L. Kenny, Esq. has doubled their number of new family stores, revenue and jobs created by their family business. His family, business and the Kenny Family Foundation have collectively given over $6 million in charitable contributions to the local community since establishing in Delaware in 1995. Chris lives with his wife, Teresa and their two daughters in Wilmington.

WILMINGTON, Delaware, April 27, 2020

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